Cancellation Policy for Distance Sales (online, etc.)


AWR Inhalation GmbH



1. Right of Cancellation


If the prospective customer is a private consumer, he / she may withdraw from the contract within 1 month in text format (e.g. letter, fax, email) without citing a reason or simply by returning the goods. This period commences no earlier than the day following receipt of this notice in text format but not before the day that the ordered goods have been received by the customer. This means the revocation period only commences the day following the day at which the latter one of the aforementioned provisions (receipt of the notice in text format or receipt of the ordered goods by the customer) comes to pass. To observe the revocation period, it is sufficient to send off the revocation in time or dispatch the goods in time. The revocation or shipment of the goods is to be directed to:


Wetzlarer Str. 54

14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg

15834 Rangsdorf


We expressively point out that, as per §312d, paragraph 4 BGB and others, there is no right of cancellation in case of distance contracts for shipment of goods that were produced to meet the specifications of the customer (e.g. special design) or that explicitly were made specifically to meet the needs of the individual customer.


2. Revocation Consequences


In the event of a valid revocation, any mutually received services and payments and any profit derived therefrom (such as interest) shall be returned. If the customer is not able to return the received consideration completely, only returns it partially or returns it in a deteriorated state, he / she shall pay compensation in this respect, if applicable. This does not apply to relinquished items if the deterioration in the item is exclusively attributed to its examination – as might have been the case in a retail shop for example. Apart from this, reimbursing the seller can be avoided by initiating use of the item as if it weren’t own property and avoiding everything that could reduce its value.

Mailable goods are to be returned at our expense and risk. However, in the event that a return shipment originates from an order of goods with a value of EUR 50,00 or less, the customer shall assume the costs of the return shipment if the delivered goods corresponded to the ordered goods. Commitments for refunding payments on the customer’s part have to be fulfilled within 30 days of sending the notice of cancellation.



[Version of April 10th, 2022]